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Hello!! Just a quick update:
1200 Pikachu.
8 Zigzagoon.
400 Snivy.

That quest looks awesome, G! I'll start with Snivy, although whether he's blue or green is debatable. I'm doing more Pikachu as I speak, hoping to hit 1500 by the end of the week.

Originally Posted by G-Money View Post
I hope you all had a nice leap day, SHC! :cer_boogie: It's awesome getting an extra day to hunt! :D

Today begins March, which means... *drumroll*


To win, you must catch or hatch 2 green shinies. The shinies may have any amount of green, ranging from 0.1% of total body mass to being an icky green blob. *glances at shiny Tangela*


"lol" I cloned myself so that I could hunt for shinies multiple times at once! Even as we speak, there are several G-Moneys out there dual hunting while I type this post. Too bad I didn't consider the fact that none of the other G-Money shiny collections would count for mine... :/


Yes, welcome to the club! I don't think the Pokemart gifts can be shiny, although I'm not totally sure on that. I know that the Victini can't, but I can't say with certainty about the others. (I didn't even know there was a Jirachi event, "lol''.
Like I just said, that quest is awesome! I plan to do extra hunting on St Patrick's day, probably while drinking those green McDonalds milkshakes. :cer_laugh:

That's a good idea! I may try cloning myself along with my DS, see if I can get more hunting done.

I know from months of RNG that the Pokemart gifts cannot be shiny. However,
the ones where you go to an island to catch the Pokemon normally (Mew, Deoxys, Darkrai, Shaymin, Spear Pillar Arceus), can be shiny by SRing that Pokemon.

Originally Posted by G-Money
ARs are acceptable for teleporting to event Pokemon that you could never get otherwise. This includes Mew, Deoxys, and Arceus only - no one else. In any other situation, ARs are not acceptable.
I need to clear something up here. Doesn't this also include Darkrai and Shaymin also? I need them for my Sinnoh SR quest, and I intend to get to them via AR. I am going to do this even if for some reason it is not acceptable, since it is for my private quest and not an official one, but I for one believe Darkrai and Shaymin should be accepted, especially since tweaking is not possible in Platinum.

Well, bye everyone, good luck!

NOTE: My last post contained everything before the first G-Money quote. I deleted it because I realized after I posted that I needed to quote him, and I wanted to avoid double posting, as there is no way to edit a quote into a post.

EDIT: 1234 Pikachu!
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