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Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
So I have changed my target from yanma to slugma, since I think a magcargo is what my team needs more... but I can't wait for that silver slug! Optimistically I would say I am at about... 50 eggs? maybe more?

When i have my slug (presuming it is still march) I will join into that monthly contest. Two of my team members were going to be green (surprise surprise) so it sounds like fun!

@TheShinyEevee I will hopefully be trying to get the blob of green vines known as tangela too (after slugma) wanna race?
Good luck with the silver slug/purple snail, haha!

Probably! I defintely will if you're still hunting it when I am, but I really don't know how long Snivy's gonna take, and I'm gonna try to get Articuno on the same LG file first, hopefully. So it may not be March when I hunt it at all, unless someone spills luck on me!
THanks for the offer, though! Hopefully I can :D

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