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Originally Posted by MrElephant View Post
Ok I am back
Zudomon- Horn Tusk, Vulcans Hammer
Coelamon- Fossil bite, Ancient bite
Unimon- Horn Blaster, Aerial Gallop
Augomon- Claw attack, pepper breath
Birdramon- Meteor wing, fire flapping
Greymon- Great horns attack, nova blast
SkullGreymon- Dark Shot, Double dark Shot
Wizardmon- thunder blaster, magical game
tortomon- Spinning Attack, strong carapace
Octomon- Spurting Ink, Octopus Trap
Rockmon- Rock Ball, Rock Punch
Kimeramon- Poison wing, scissor claw
Musyamon- Ninja Blade, shogun sword
Garurumon- Howling blaster, slamming attack
Gabumon- Blue blaster, horn attack
Weregarurumon- garuru kick, wolf claw
Tentomon- Talon attack, super shocker
MarineDevimon- Evil wind, darkness water
Dophmon- dolphine kick, pulse blast
Angelmon- Angel rod, hand of destiny
Palmon- stinking attack (Yeah, weird move), poison ivy
togemon- light speed Jabbing, needle spray
Triceramon- Tri-horn attack, mega dash
saberleomon- howling crusher, twin fang
mammothmon- freezing breath, tusk crusher
Skullmeramon- metal fireball, flame chain
Manimon- Puncher, Power drive
Apemon- Metallic fur, Mega bone stick
Gotsumon- Crazy cusher, rock fist
Gomamon- claw attack, marching fishes
Dokugumon- Poison cobweb, poison thread
Centarumon- Solar ray, jet gallop
Ok, I am done now it is up to you. If you want special abilities
of the digimon just ask me. Also, I was wondering if you
Epitalp93 could help me with one of my games. Like review it
for flaws.
Thank you very much! You were a tremendous help on speeding up a large part of the hack and you'll be credited accordingly when I start editing moves. I've already found several that I'll definitely be using. I might give yours a look, but I'm not like an expert or anything. I've only been at this for a few months and all I've been doing for the most part is small sprite edits.

Originally Posted by Lynch View Post
Cool starters would be agumon,patamon and the blue little guy that fuses with that wormmon or whatevr to make piledramon, agumon woyuld be cool to digivolve to
metal greymon then wargreymon,or the newer shininggreymon patamon to angemon and i think magna angemon
also legendarys or such can be kimeramon,skullgreymon,saberleomon and some other cool ones
sry if i wrote bad i dont rly know their names right
and i hope u finish this, looks good
You can actually obtain all three of those from the starters. And most of the others you mentioned will be included. Please read the full OP before posting.

Originally Posted by Punnagg View Post
When is this hack coming out
please release it fast i badly want to play it
Please don't spam me with these. The hack won't be out for several months if I'm lucky.
I'm Epitaph and I plan on releasing the first full-fledged Digimon hack of Pokemon Fire Red. We're getting close to the first release so come check it out in the Progressing hacks, and see how you can help us with the project.