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Hailey [Gardevoir]

Hailey slowly made her way across an abandoned route, seldom traveled since the says pokemon trainers had still roamed the earth. A haunting breeze brushed through her short hair, taunting her with its presence. Not all that far behind floated another girl wielding an Eelektross pokespirit. Hailey glanced back at the girl. Her name was Arcea, very arguably Hailey's only friend. Observing the other girl's floating Hailey slowly deigned that she too was too good to get her feet dirty and lifted herself into the air with telekinesis. She was on her way to the underground, on business of finding something to eat. Just as she was too good to walk the earth like a mortal she was also to good to resort to feasting on the energy of others, let alone others themselves. Popularly accepted myth had it that there had been a time where such atrocities had never been needed. They had been viewed as all kinds of evil. Now the only thing remaining of such fears was some who believed it posed a terrible health risk. Encouraged by her pokespirit Myra, Hailey embraced such 'myths' further allowing her to harbour disgust for the world and it's inhabitants. Looking down on others was part of how she coped. She had deigned to live off what little the world had left to offer, though she had a tendency to eat plants that were less than friendly and wind up sick. Such was the risks. However, she was silently opening up to the idea of saplings energy from others as a safer alternative.

"We'll eat /tonight/." she said, in a commanding, confident tone that would've earned her the title of professional badarse in another time for being a ten-year old girl and saying that. Yet, such a time was gone. Pokespirit weilders were a far different generation with different expectations. Arcea didn't seem to think anything of it at all, judging from her expression.

Arcea [Eelektross]

Arcea floated along behind Hailey, keeping a very respectful distance, as she'd found that on some occasions Hailey could become quite physical during conversations, and didn't much like that. Floating? She'd been doing that as long as she'd had a pokespirit. It was one of the first things she learned to do. Hailey mentioned something about them eating and she perked up a bit. Eating was always nice. There were plenty of days they had to go without. She had to wonder how exactly Hailey could guarantee a thing like that, but it wasn't important. By now she had become comfortable with the fact that Hailey was generally a very calculating person who usually had a plan for whatever she did. Thus, she said nothing, choosing to believe Hailey's words until given a reason not to. Besides, she /wanted/ to believe them!~ Contuing to float along after the younger girl Arcea wondered what she had in mind. It was no doubt vegetarian, considering the only source of meat on the planet was off Hailey's menu. Arcea sometimes questioned this. If she hated humanity so much, why did it matter how she killed them? Thinking about this only reminded her that she questioned Hailey's mental health in general. By this point she couldn't really tell why. After all, she had a pokespirit and she wasn't like that.

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