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^ omg tini thread dominance

Call me a hypocrite but I think we're pulling at grasping at the straws here saying the red & blue associate Ruby & Sapphire remakes. Considering the red is paired with white can represent Reshiram's Fire and vice versa for Black with Zekrom's electricity, that's much more likely. We could link many Red & Blue combos with the remakes but doesn't make it true and they had to use two colours, they just happened to be them and suit it best IMO, if Zekrom was dual grass type then it would most likely be Green & Red nonetheless I still love these logos!
Yeah seriously guys. If you want RS remakes so bad, come post in the RS remake speculation thread in PGC. And if you love RS so much, help bring life into the adv gen forum! Silly ROM hacking people litter it and it needs love. /shameless advertising

Anyway, I love the logos and think they look amazing. I like W2's better though. B2's 2 doesn't have a gradient all the way through like the W2's 2 and that bothers me, lol.

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