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The harsh wind blew across the land and picked up some dirt, throwing it in the young boy's face who was traveling down the road. He stopped for a moment before removing the dirt with a hand motion, letting out a sigh. With a sad expression, the boy returned his gaze to the ground and continued on with his journey. But he paused again when he felt the pain of hunger wash over him.'d been a while since he'd seen a decent meal. Some supplies would have been great right now. Noticing some plants a bit away from the road, he slowly made his way over. The boy pulled one out and checked it carefully. Hmm...looks editable. Pulling out some more, he quickly gobbled them down to fill his belly somewhat. The taste wasn't the greatest but if you were picky in the wild, you wouldn't survive long. With a bit of his energy restored, Neil proceeded on the road towards Children City once again.
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