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For now, Ryuu listened as Somal spoke. For the most part, what he said was true. Ryuu had no need for petty alliances and pacts. He had one with Bern, but it was cast away the moment she broke her end of the bargain. And Somal gave another good reason for not getting into those alliances: stabbing in the back. For the most part, Ryuu wasn't worried about that, as he had pretty much established himself among most of the others as someone they didn't want to mess with. But he had completely forgotten that as a possibility in this thing. It was probably allowed to some extent too. Any way of getting an advantage over others. Ryuu made a mental note to see to something later, in case anyone tried to kill him in his sleep.

Ryuu continued to listen silently as Somal explained the interview briefly and the 'points' system. The more he listened to it, the more he liked it less and less, though. Interviews were one thing, but being forced to wear something was completely unacceptable. Ryuu held back a laugh as he let Somal finish talking. Put simply, Ryuu thought the whole thing was complete nonsense. Interviews, dressing up, alliances, points, and even to an extent the training, although that might have been the only useful part. It was all for entertainment, so that the Gods could sit in their comfortable homes and throw coins at the participants as they mauled each other.

But Ryuu didn't hate the Gods for this, or despise the system as it was. He understood how the world works, and he cared not for politics. Still, he was here to fight, perhaps the ultimate fight of his life. The real problem was there was too much bulls*** before they even got to it.

Still, Ryuu decided to play along, and keep these thoughts to himself. At the end of the tunnel, the prize was worth all the waiting. At least, he hoped it would be. Although from what he had seen so far, it will be.

“I won’t dress you into some sort of weird get-up. Actually, you’ll probably like how you obtain your look for the interview. I want you to be seen as sheer power; what you are. Your strength is unmatched, and you can easily clear all the contestants around you, in their fancy dresses and suits. You will not show mercy, and you will win. That is the future I want the sponsors to see. Agreed?”

Ryuu laughed. "Fine, Somal. I'll play along for now." Ending the sentence with a bit of displeasure. "These...Gods, are rather dull characters. They think that through the manner we are dressed, that will determine how frightening we can be. If they wish to see power, sheer power as you put it, they need only see me use this." He said, as he held up his fist. Ryuu looked around the room, somewhat glad none of the other participants were around to hear him. It did not fit the brute persona he had crafted while here in the first place. He slammed his fist on the table, and took another bite of his food.

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