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I'm gonna try to make a different SU because I feel I can't modify my previous one in those ways without completely rewriting it.

Name (Self-explanatory.): Necro Shalf

Age (For Knights the age range can be from 15 to 35. For Mechanists the age range can be from 18 to 55): 25 years old.

Gender (Self-explanatory.): Male

Pokemon Species (What are you?): Bisharp

Newborn or Entrenched Mechanists (For Mechanist players.): N/A

Job Title: Knight-Commander

Appearance (One paragraph required. Make sure to include your weapons/armor for this section.): Necro looks like a regular Bisharp without his armor on with these exceptions: he has a scar under his left eye in the shape of a long triangle and he is colored teal on the parts that are normally red.

His arm blades are sharper and more shiny than regular Bisharp. The gauntlet like parts on his hands are also shiny. Necro's gem is strung tightly around his neck by a piece of string. The armor he wears is a sign like plate of armor with two straps on the top of it so it doesn't fall off. The armor is kept shiny like his blades.

Personality (Two paragraphs.): Necro acts very courteously and will help out others at any of his free time. He is very religious and after doing even simple things like eating he prays. He is well liked by many of the pokemon in the cities for treating most everyone like equals. He enjoys making art if he has any other spare time besides the other things. Though he may seem like a softy when it comes to his job he acts bravely and with honor.

When he has to face off against enemies like Mechanics he isn't caring very much about them and does the job quick. Necro is brave and doesn't back down even in a tough situation. He believes that losses and wins are just Arceus's judgement and that eventually the better side shall win. He is very friendly when not out on a mission. He often travels in groups with other knights and doesn't like to be out of the cities alone. He sharpen his arm blades and polishes them and his armor a lot.

History (From childhood to where you are now.): Necro was born in a clan of Pawniard and Bisharp. His father was the leader of this clan and was a knight with many of the others in the clan. The clan had once owned a large castle, but switched over to the lifestyle of knighthood when the Mechanists started to form. Necro was sent to the city and was trained by two retired knights from his clan. The knights had sent him out to run up a nearby small-ish mountain in the morning and at night once he got up he had to run back down.

At the first couple of tries he didn't make and was forced to climb up a bigger one each time. Slowly, he started to get the hang of it. After about three years he could finish it in about half a day and was told to stop. The knights realized he had a lot of speed potential and trained him a lot in attack strategies too. Soon he was recommended to be a knight.

He was put to a test due to his younger age. He had to beat a knight in less than five minutes. He stroke the quickly and with power, but the knight had used Aura Sphere and Necro was struck by it. Necro collapsed on the ground from the strength of the attack and the knight walked over to him to deliver the final blow to knock Necro out. The knight hesitated when about to do so and Necro saw the chance and grabbed the knights legs causing them to flip over and knock them out.

Necro was victorious and declared a knight. He said a few prayers and was sent off with the other knights. Necro worked with the other knights for many years and hunted down Mechanists, destroyed anyone supposedly in contact with them and raided there technology stashes destroying everyone of them. One day Necro was on patrol with a couple of other knights and found scraps of metal and stone on the ground. They followed them and Necro noticed how the trees were less dense in this area.

Necro and the group continued onward and found a large clearing. In the clearing there was haphazardly built houses and pieces of machinery like springs and coils. They investigated the houses to discover they had technology in them which the group then destroyed. The group saw that there was no sign of pokemon and started to leave until they heard noises coming from a large building. Necro and the others went into the building to discover a group of Mechanists that had ran from the cities to embrace the art in peace. The group of Mechanists started to run away but Necro and the group were too fast for them and caught them all in custody.

They brought the prisoners back to one of the cities and Necro was promoted for finding the trail leading to the group of Mechanists and arresting them. Necro accepted the position with pride. He now searches the forests and land around the enclaves for any Mechanists.

Moveset (Only four moves. Mechanists can use TM and HM moves.): Guillotine, Night Slash, Swords Dance and Metal Sound
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