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Lucius Xavier Addams II
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Please? No. Please! No! ...Please? If it'll shut you up for five minutes, then fine! Yay!

Victoria 36, Lex 0.

Heck, nobody could win an argument with Victoria. Not that anybody else has actually argued with my Jigglypuff Pokespirit. But I can never beat her, at least, so technically she is undefeated.

Say goodbye to Old Chateau, Lex, Victoria advises me.

I turn around to look at the ruins of my house. This has been my home my entire life. This is where I've eaten every meal, slept every night...


Good riddance, I say.

Or I would say. If I could say. Having no voice, I really can't say anything. I could sing it, maybe...

Well, let's get out of here! It's getting dark! Geez, you're in a hurry.

I glance up at the Eterna Forest sky. It's about evening. The perfect time to begin a journey. If we leave now, we'll get to Eterna City by dusk. Not that we're stopping there, unless it's to absorb a soul or two. But I'm okay for now; I should be able to get to Lake Verity without needing any souls. Food might be a problem, but I can reload on food at Children's City. That's about halfway down the road.

Children's City! Victoria mentally exclaims.

Actually, I'm excited to get to Children's City as well. I've heard stories of the place from one of my sisters. It's supposed to be controlled by children there. No adults. And if my sisters are alive, that's where they'll be. And believe me, they're not going to be especially thrilled to see me.

We're still standing here. Y'know, I don't think it's been five minutes yet. Just get going, Lex!

Victoria 37, Lex 0.
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