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Normal: Ursaring- Well first off, I think it's really cool and I love Teddiursa as well. Also, it is a pretty powerful pokemon.
Fighting: Hitmontop- I really started to like this pokemon after Pokemon Coloseum. I caught it and pured it and I realized how strong it is. It has amazing defense and hp.

Grass: Grovyle- To me this pokemon looks absolutely awesome. Way better than Sceptile. And he is incredibly fast.
Poison: Nidoking- This pokemon has been the pokemon I've always loved. He was my first ever 3rd evolved form pokemon and he's stuck with me ever since. <3
Bug: Scyther- Scyther is just a really cool pokemon. Also, when I was a kid I played some picture game called pokemon snap! Where you took pictures of pokemon, and he was always a challenge to take a picture of.
Fire: Arcanine- Arcanine was always a beast looking pokemon to me, and he was my first ex card. Arcanine ex was an amazing pokemon.
Water: Milotic- I honestly don't know why I like Milotic so much. I guess because it is a challenge to get in R/S and it's a very graceful pokemon.
Dragon: Dragonite- My all time favorite Pokemon! First off, it's hard to evolve him from a Dratini. It takes soo much time and effort. But, when you finally get Dragonite he looks amazing and is really powerful.
Electric: Jolteon- The main reason I like Jolteon is just because of his battle cry. That like jolt-jolt-JOLTEON! Just sounds so cool to me.
Dark: Tyranitar- I put Tyranitar into dark because I had a good one for ground and he is classified as dark. Anyways, I started really liking him in XD when I evolved that larvitar up to him and he did amazing!
Ghost: Haunter- I really only like him for his looks. He looks better than Gengar to me. Oh, and I liked how he messed with Ash back in the series.
Psychic: Gardevior- The only reason I like Gardevior so much is because it carried me through R/S. It was a really strong pokemon, especially with psychic.
Rock: Aerodactyl- I just like it for it's looks. I know I had it, but I don't remember if it's good or not.
Ground: Flygon- Leveled it up to 100 on Ruby. He was my pride and joy. All around amazing pokemon.
Ice: Glalie- I always thought Glalie looked cool, and I won all the pokemon contests with it. That's why I love it (:.
Steel: Metagross- When I first saw it, I thought it was an awesome pokemon. And it pretty much whiped me out all by itself. So, I trained really hard to get one myself. Got a lot of respect for this pokemon.
Flying: Altaria- I've always loved this pokemon mostly because of Swablu. It's such a cute pokemon (:. Also, Altaria gave me a good math in the elite 4 I think?
Legendary: Shaymin- Shaymin is my favorite legendary. It looks so cute and innocent, but it's really a BAMF!
^Pwease Level up my Cyndaquil C:^