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Kilik Chambers

Kat just laughed & Kilik's remark. What, she finds this funny? "Then you might be human. I am not human anymore. Ever since Candlelight, I stopped being human I guess." She exclaimed. But wait... He figures earlier she eats humans, she probably kills without guilt. That Pokespirit isn't right for her, but Kilik wasn't just gonna take her life & energy away. He's not like that. Whatever it meant, he'll just let it go for now.

"Heads up, Kilik! I sense a strange presence." Reiki alarms Kilik. He stopped in his tracks, feeling someone nearby, other than Kat. His first glance was in front, so strange boy was standing in front of them with yellow glowing eyes. (Echo) That's kinda strange.

"Um, do you need something?" He asked the strange boy. He seemed a bit odd to Kilik. It's just a feeling, along with the bad one.

"Something's not right here." Reiki warned Kilik. He wasn't sure about this stranger. The way his eyes glow seems off. No ordinary being has glowing yellow eyes.

"I'm wary." Kilik answered quietly. He waited for anything that might come up. He didn't show any sign of defense, but he was ready if this boy did anything sound emitting from Kilik.

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