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Please keep the following in mind when reading through my list:

- Not all of my decisions are based on the same factor
- I haven't used all of these Pokémon in battle
- Not all of these are facts, some are opinions
- Some Pokémon don't have as many points as others — I just simply like them
- There are many points I left out, the ones listed are just the most important

Normal - Stoutland:

- A very original design and very striking
- One of the strongest variations of a first route Pokémon

Fighting - Lucario:

- Very badass design
- Has one of the largest and most diverse movepools
- One of the best Pokémon I've ever used

Flying - Pidgeot:

- I've used one more than I have any other Pokémon
- Looks really cool, mainly because of its long hair

Poison - Weezing:

- Its design is very odd, and yet I really like it
- An excellent user of posion type moves

Ground - Marowak:

- One of the most serious-looking Pokémon there is
- Absolutely amazing user of ground-type moves
- Bonemerang (and that's not a joke)
- Given a really interesting back-story in the first generation games

Rock - Tyranitar:

- Pure beast
- One of the best type combinations
- Can learn tons of great moves
- Extremely powerful

Bug - Pinsir:

- A very cool and unique design
- Super tough
- Pretty much a fighting type

Ghost - Gengar:

- Its smirk
- Amazing stats and moves

Steel - Metagross:

- A very epic and unique design
- Has my favourite cry
- Has superb strength

Fire - Charizard:

- It's the most popular among fire types for a reason
- The only variation of a starter that can fly
- The episode when Ash's Charizard took on Blaine's Magmar (again, not joking)

Water - Suicune (You: What? It's not Oshawott?!):

- My favourite Pokémon overall
- My favourite type
- My favourite legendary
- Extremely beautiful; a very detailed and breathtaking design
- The mascot of one of my most valued childhood games
- Courageous and powerful

Grass - Torterra:

- One of the most unique Pokémon designs ever (it has a tree on its back)!
- A unique (and immensely helpful) type combination
- Epic cry

Electric - Jolteon:

- My favourite Eeveelution
- Its piercing eyes and sharp body look awesome
- Very quick and potent

Psychic - Gardevoir:

- One of the most beautiful Pokémon ever
- Can be absolutely amazing in battle with only one type

Ice - Walrein:

- A simple, yet cool design
- Can learn great moves, beneficial to both of its types

Dragon - Salamence:

- Looks more epic than every other dragon Pokémon
- Extremely powerful

Dark - Honchkrow:

- It has a hat
- It looks somewhat friendly despite being a dark type
- Can use just about any dark type move to get the job done