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Name: Chauncey Parks

Age 21

Gender: Male

Pokemon Species: Togetic

Newborn or Entrenched Mechanists: Entrenched

Job Title: Medic

Appearance: While standing fully at 2’2’’, slightly higher than the average height for a Togetic, Chauncey tends to slouch a lot. Usually he only seems about 1’9’’. To denote his role as medic, Chauncey uses an ancient, tattered nurse’s cap he found in an old Pokemon Center. Since, being human-sized, it of course didn’t fit on his head, Cauncey used some string and scissors, and modified it into a sort of necklace he keeps as a lucky charm. Another accessory is a doctor’s mask, which he puts on when people are chucking gas pellets around. When Chauncey is not wearing the mask, it hangs down around his neck alongside his good luck charm. He wears a harness and belt with several pouches for the storage of the medicine and ingredients Chauncey carries with him. The portable lab for making more medicine in the field has to be carried on his back in a bigger pack, making it difficult to fly. Or, it would, were Chauncey able to fly in the first place; one of his wings showed an injury which had since healed over, but rendered the wing useless, and the Togetic ground-bound.

In terms of equipment, Chauncey has dedicated one pouch to sleeping pellets, for use in getaways or as a MacGyvered anesthetic if emergency operations have to be performed in the field. Two pouches carry various medical tools, including disinfectant and needles for giving stitches. Two pouches are used for storing gathered ingredients, such as herbs and berries. The Potion and Super Potion bottles themselves are attached directly to the ‘X’-shaped harness Chauncey wears, for easy access. Used up bottles are refilled using the lab and ingredients whenever the time is available. He keeps a compass attached to the center of the ‘X’-shaped harness.

Personality: Compassion and kindness being a natural trait for Togetic, Chauncey is no exception. This being the case, medical studies were an obvious choice, and he takes that duty seriously. Being out on the battlefield terrifies the poor boy, but he goes anyways so as to make sure the death count is as low as possible. A pacifist by nature, Chauncey has taken an oath never to intentionally harm another Pokemon, and has forgone any form of offensive move. Using TMs, he instead turned himself into a walking buff factory, using his protective moves as preventative measures in hopes that nobody needs treatment in the fist place. Even when it comes to dealing with the enemy, Chauncey encourages his teammates to take prisoners whenever he can.

Chauncey is also very meek, timid, and easily manipulated into doing what someone wants. His helpful nature and naïve ideals don’t help when it comes to saying no to someone who asks. While clearly not suitable for performing violent tasks, Chauncey is the go-to person to keep an eye on someone for you, or reveal someone’s secret, if you word the request to seem like concern for them.

History: With an Audino for a father, and a Togekiss for a mother, it could be said Chauncey was born to be a medic. As a Togepi, his parents instilled in him the ideals of caring for and helping others. Chauncey was also very sheltered as a child, and as a result he often found it difficult to talk to other Pokemon. Being a Mechanist, Chauncey was given a proper education, and learned how to read and write the human language. While unable to speak it fluently, Chauncey also came to understand it fairly well. Not showing much interest or aptitude with complex machinery, the Togepi instead began learning about medicine. The joy upon being accepted allowed Chauncey to evolve into a Togetic. Not initially trained to be a field medic, Chauncey switched over when friends and other people he knew began joining the Declarum Forces. While not approving of fighting or war, he wanted to do what he could to help. During his medic training, it was often commented (partially as a joke towards his name) that Chauncey was supposed to have been born a Chansey. While he had forgone offensive moves, Chauncey was given basic training in defensive maneuvers.

Upon completing his training, Chauncey and some other newly graduated trainees were taken out along with a patrol in a relatively safe area. As a sort of final test of how much the rookies had learned, an accident was staged in which someone was hurt. The group soon found their Potion bottles had been emptied, and were sent to gather ingredients to make more. While the group was putting their medicinal concoctions together, they strayed without knowing from the safe area. A patrol of knights happened upon the group, and witnessed them making their Potions. Those who froze were soon caught and arrested; the others fled and were pursued. The Declarum patrol heard the panic, and rushed to aid their allies, but one of them had already been slain, and several others wounded, including Chauncey, whose wing had been slashed by a Bisharp. The knights were driven off, but the conflict was drawn out and both sides suffered casualties. Chauncey’s wounded wing was not treated in time due to the confusion of combat, and he would never be able to fly again. The injury and the deaths only served as a reminder to Chauncey of what his job was, and that he had to prevent the same from happening to anyone else. At present, Chauncey is still lacking in the experience others have, but he hasn’t lost his ideals and does what he can as a medic with the Declarum Forces.

Moveset: Light Screen, Reflect, Safeguard, Charm
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