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♠ The Art of RNG ♠

Welcome to the Art of RNG! Here we will discuss RNG abuse, post our most recent RNG abuses, and complete challenges and then show off our results. If you need actual help with RNG abuse, please review the RNG Guides and feel free to ask any questions here. We would like to encourage you to try on your own first, though, but don't be afraid to ask for help if you are just plain lost. We're here to help and spread the joy of RNG abuse to anyone interested.

~ If you're asking for help,
- Provide which version of RNG Reporter (or PPRNG for Macs) you're using.
- Provide which version Pokemon game you're playing.
- What are you trying to capture or hatch? What were your results? Explain what you're doing.
- What is your target seed and frame? How are you verifying your seed or frame? If you can provide screenshots of what you're seeing/doing in RNG Reporter, please do so.
- Please don't get frustrated if you're continuously failing. Your first RNG attempts may take several hours or even days. Be polite to those trying to help you.

~ If you're commenting on others' RNG abuses,
- Please don't say "I'll trade ya for that!" or whatever. :(

~ If you're posting your own RNG abuses (not for the challenges),
- Add to the conversation. Don't just post your new Pokemon and nothing else.

RNG Guides
Trade Corner's Black/White RNG Guide
Everstone's DPPt/HGSS RNG Guide

Notable RNG Abusers

Mac: Owner & Founder Sent to therapy for hitting delay and abusing the RNG
Gonz0: Co-Owner Ace of Spades of RNG Abuse
TwilightBlade: Co-Owner
Rednael: Nub who completed ten challenges
Sydian: Hero of Time

Current Discussion Topic

How did you discover RNG? Did someone introduce it to you, did you find it by accident (more or less), or was there some other way? Share your experience!

Judge's Choice

Zheng'd! | Ludicolo (F) @ Life Orb
OT: Tom | ID: 08716
Modest | Swift Swim
IVs: 31/
EVs: 36 HP | 252 SpA | 220 Speed
Moveset: Hydro Pump | Giga Drain | Ice Beam | Protect

Chosen by deku: I like a lot about how this Pokemon helped TheGr8 snatch victory from the jaws of defeat at VGC. I love how on the first team you used it on it wasn't much help, but you gave it a second chance on your new team and it managed to save you in a lot of battles. I like how you RNG abused it's IV's to still make it a viable Pokemon even when confused or in a Trick Room. I especially like how you chose for it to be female due to the use of Captivate and Attract by other players. Overall, I really like how every aspect of this Pokemon helped you win when you were stuck in a corner at the VGC.

Current Challenge

Challenge #24: Favoritism! RNG a Pokemon that is based on your favorite character from any media! (Video Game, Book, Movie, TV Series, Manga, etc...)

Completed by: Mac (Golett)

Expires: July 16, 2012 11:59 PM.

All challenges expire at 11:59 PM (UTC-4) of the fifth day.

Past Challenges

Past challenge winners are marked in bold red. Past challenge descriptions can be found when placing your mouse cursor over 'Challenge #'.


Challenge #1: johnny18 (Clefairy), Mac (Pikachu), earth boy (Bouffalant), Rednael (Lileep), LegendaryFSK (Growlithe), AlexOzzyCake (Drifblim), greg0915 (Tentacool), loucas (Frillish), miakalina (Pearl ID), Gonzo (Tynamo)

Challenge #2: johnny18 (Arbok), Mac (Yanma), earth boy (Yamask), Rednael (Cacnea), loucas (Mewtwo), RingoH (Porygon), miakalina (Lickitung)

Challenge #3: Mac (Zubat), AlexOzzyCake (Sneasel), Rednael (Mantyke), TwilightBlade (Chansey), Keiran777 (Duskull), loucas (Golbat), twistedpuppy (Horsea), LegendaryFSK (Snorlax), RingoH (Pichu)

Challenge #4: Rednael (Flareon), twistedpuppy (Houndour), LegendaryFSK (Chimchar), Mac (Torchic), TwilightBlade (Volcarona), Keiran777 (Ponyta), AlexOzzyCake (Chimchar), Gonz0 (Darumaka), Vaporeon7 (Slugma), RingoH (Ponyta), loucas (Victini)

Challenge #5: LegendaryFSK (Teddiursa), Vaporeon7 (Poliwag), Rednael (Poliwag), Keiran777 (Spinda), RingoH (Slakoth), Mac (Bulbasaur), Gonz0 (Poliwhirl), Rainy Garden of Fire (Zubat), loucas (Pichu), Sydian (Mienfoo), twistedpuppy (Oddish)

Challenge #6: LegendaryFSK (Squirtle), AlexOzzyCake (Lillipup), Rainy Garden of Fire (Piplup), Rednael (Dwebble), Mac (Chinchou), Vaporeon7 (Mareep), Gonz0 (Musharna), Sydian (Eevee), TwilightBlade (Shaymin)

Challenge #7: Rainy Garden of Fire (Starly), Rednael (Natu), Mac (Articuno), Sydian (Swablu), loucas (Archen), Feralize (Murkrow), LegendaryFSK (Rufflet), Vaporeon7 (Wingull), Gonz0 (Doduo), TwilightBlade (Tranquil)

Challenge #8:: Mac (Thundurus), Rednael (Volbeat/Illumise), LegendaryFSK (Cottonee), Vaporeon7 (Electrike), Gonz0 (Furret), TwilightBlade (Darkrai), Sydian (Cottonee)

Challenge #9:: Mac (Vulpix), Vaporeon7 (Shellder), Sydian (Bibarel), TwilightBlade (Azelf), Rednael (Gastrodon), CrazyMrHans (Magikarp), Gonz0 (Scyther)

Challenge #10: Mac (Munchlax), Rednael (Aron), AlexOzzyCake (Scolipede), Gonz0 (Heatran), Vaporeon7 (Solrock), CrazyMrHans (Onix), BZW Golem (Munchlax), Sydian (Steelix)

Challenge #11: CrazyMrHans (Gyarados), Sydian (Umbreon), Vaporeon7 (Vaporeon), Rednael (Chinchou), Mac (Porygon2), LegendaryFSK (Gastly), Gonz0 (Chansey), Loucas (Venonat), TheGr8 (Growlithe)

Challenge #12: Rednael (Absol), LegendaryFSK (Volcarona), Keiran777 (Seel), Mac (Mareep), Vaporeon7 (Spheal), CrazyMrHans (Litwick), Gonz0 (Swablu), Archiebald (Whimsicott), Sydian (Ninetales), Luvdisc (TheGr8)

Challenge #13: Keiran777 (Skorupi), Rednael (Spinarak), Vaporeon7 (Shellos), Mac (Aron), TheGr8 (Crawdaunt), Archiebald (Relicanth), Sydian (Ducklett), Gonzo (Tangela)

Challenge #14: Rednael (Rotom), TwilightBlade (Maractus), Mac (Politoed), Vaporeon7 (Swablu), Archiebald (Lilligant), Sydian (Politoed), Keiran777 (Volbeat), Gonz0 (Panpour) TheGr8 (Cherrim), johnny18 (Gothita)

Challenge #15: Sydian (Ludicolo), Jolteon* (Pidgeot), Mac (Buizel), Vaporeon7 (Meowth), Keiran777 (Shuckle), Gonz0 (Lilligant), LegendaryFSK (Scraggy), Rednael (Rotom)

Challenge #16: Rednael (Togekiss), Mac (Zapdos), Sydian (Zebstrika), Vaporeon7 (Dunsparce), Gonz0 (Spiritomb), TwilightBlade (Stunfisk), AlexOzzyCake (Amoonguss)

Challenge #17: Rednael (Nidoqueen), Sydian (Arcanine), Luke (Kangaskhan), LittleSky (Blissey), Vaporeon7 (Alomomola), Mac (Marowak), TwilightBlade (Vespiquen)

Challenge #18: LegendaryFSK (Cryogonal), LittleSky (Lucario), Mac (Suicune), Gonz0 (Platinum ID, OT: ♠ゴンゾ♠), Willio (Uxie), Sydian (Ditto), Vaporeon7 (Castform), TwilightBlade (Gardevoir)

Challenge #19: LittleSky (Tropius), Luke (Carracosta), AngelZodiac (Manaphy), Vaporeon7 (Honchkrow), TwilightBlade (Wingull), Mac (Garbodor), Gonz0 (Articuno), twistedpuppy (Politoed)

Challenge #20: LittleSky (Petilil), evo21 (Eevee), Mac (Honchkrow), Gonz0 (Drilbur/Excadrill team), Rednael (Ninetales)

Challenge #21 jerichob10 (Pichu), LittleSky (Blastoise), Mac (Marill), Crescend (Mareep), Vaporeon7 (Tangela)

Challenge #22: Crescend (Lucario), Iloveeevee (Larvitar), deku (Gallade), TwilightBlade (Sandshrew), Mac (Thundurus), The Shiny Umbreon in the Corner (Riolu), Gonz0 (Woobat)

Challenge #23: NavySealGR (Garchomp), Mac (Latios), Gonz0 (Feebas -> Milotic), TheGr8 (Ludicolo), TwilightBlade (Riolu -> Lucario), vaporeon7 (Clamperl -> Gorebyss)


It races through narrow caves, using its sharp claws to catch prey. The skin on its face is harder than a rock.

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