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Instead of working on a full-length hack, I've chosen to do a series of smaller, more compact hacks. This series will be called Pokémon Miniventures, and the first one, Cubone and the Power Crystal is a light-hearted game that sees the player, one of the last remaining Team Rocket members, discover the secrets of a deserted island for eternal power. Oh and a talking Cubone is involved.

Background Story

Last year, a prodigious Pokémon Trainer by the name of Red rose from nowhere and became the Indigo League Champion, taking down Giovanni's evil Team Rocket organisation. You were part of said organisation, but don't believe that because the team has been disbanded you should stop doing what you do best. That all goes wrong, however, when you're discovered. The police pursue you, and you manage to escape until you arrive at Seven Island, where, if all had gone to plan, you would have been home-free.

It seems, however that the bridge that led to your getaway is broken (why does that keep happening to you?). Determined not to go away for life, you (stupidly) jump into the fast-flowing currents and, assuming you had drowned, the police leave. However, after what appears to be days of being pushed and pulled by the seas currents, you find yourself being awoken by a Cubone on a mysterious island, who appears to be trying to communicate with you...


Note: The player's OW is tentative to change. The backsprite also hasn't been edited yet.


Tile errors in these videos have probably been noticed and fixed by me already. :D


  • A completely different story!
  • Talking Pokémon via the Mystical Bone.
  • A deserted island with a mysterious past.
  • Cubone! (yes that's a feature)
  • Three completely different dungeons complete with bosses and mini-bosses.
  • Mastermind_X's Ruins of Alph puzzle!
  • Time travel!


Because I love rubbing stuff in yo face


• DrFuji and Giradialkia
Listening to me ramble ideas, script help, etc. DrFuji also helped a ton inserting the Iron Pyramid's area image.
HackMew, Lu-Ho, VBA Team, Wichu, link12552, mh-nexus
• Neti, Thrace and Fangking Omega
Snow ROM base - some tiles are partly edited by me.
• diegoisawesome and Mastermind_x
Helping me insert Mastermind_X's Ruins of Alph puzzle.
• cuddlesthefatcat
Awesome tiles.

Closing Word

Thanks for reading so far. Please don't take this hack too seriously, I'm well aware it has some features that are less then believable but hey, it's just for fun. I think that's what's missing from the Hacking community: people aren't trying to make their games fun, they're trying to make them the longest, prettiest, best scripted, deepest storyline'd game and it leads to failure most of the time. Just chill out and make something cool ;D