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Quote originally posted by KoboraX:
Username: KoboraX
Color: Green
Game: LeafGreen
Ultimate: Yes, but for LeafGreen, I'm combining this run with my Christian Challenge.
Side Note: I'm hacking in Lotad in the first route of the game.
Why are you hacking in Lotad? If you do that, your runthrough won't count. No hacking allowed, since you can get Bulbasaur right away in LeafGreen.

EDIT: Just read your post on the Christian Challenge. The rules for this challenge say that if you can't get three members legally, there's no need to hack the third. Also, if you changed your game to FireRed, you could get Scyther. If you don't feel like changing your game, you can run with just Venusaur and Victreebel. Lotad is not in the game though, so please don't use it.
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