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2345 Eevee would like to thank TSE for showing G-Money a funny number! He had never thought of that before. :cer_laugh:
500 Snivy.

Quote originally posted by NightOfRemorse:
Even though shiny Caterpie is yellow, would it count for the contest if I evolve it into a Butterfree?
Yes! I probably should've mentioned that in the post about the Quest. I'll edit that into posts. For example, Eevee counts for the contest, but only if you evolve it into Espeon, Leafeon, or Jolteon (??).

Quote originally posted by ShinySearcher01:
I need to clear something up here. Doesn't this also include Darkrai and Shaymin also? I need them for my Sinnoh SR quest, and I intend to get to them via AR. I am going to do this even if for some reason it is not acceptable, since it is for my private quest and not an official one, but I for one believe Darkrai and Shaymin should be accepted, especially since tweaking is not possible in Platinum.


there is no way to edit a quote into a post.
The reason Shaymin and Darkrai aren't counted for club contests when gotten by teleporting with AR is because it's possible to get them legally on mainstream games. But we'll still wish you good luck!

Also, you can edit a quote into a post! Go quote the post and do whatever you do as if you were making a new post, but before hitting the post button, copy everything, go back to your post, edit, and paste it at the end!

Quote originally posted by HaloSonic:
Back again.... another shiny encounter.... failed.... all because of this.... THING that selfedestruched in my face!!!!
it even has a trollface on it!
That's terrible!! I'm really sorry to hear that, HaloSonic. I hope you can reclaim it soon.

"lol" @ the trollface

Quote originally posted by KaosDarkrai:
Omfg shiny magby hatch from the odd egg in my crystal in 105 SR... March Madness coming quick for me... omg he look so cool.
Congrats!! That's an insanely, ridiculously long hunt: the odds for the Odd Egg are 1/7!! 105 is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over average (1500%!!)! To put that in perspective, you did the equivalent of 122,880 SRs/REs!!

Also, I never mentioned that the contests don't include 2nd gen games, so your hunting in Crystal is fine through the end of March. I'll make sure to put it in the rules for next contest, but because I forgot to, you get to hunt there for the rest of the month.

Quote originally posted by Arceus Whisper:
Does fishing count for the Encounter portion of the Yearly Shiny Quest?
Yes! Fishing counts as encountering!

Quote originally posted by TheShinyEevee:
Shiny Snivy!
Congrats - you won the race!! Way to go, TSE! You really deserved it after so many eggs!

Quote originally posted by GolurkIsDaBomb:
MMing feels like I'm stuck in traffic, while REing/SRing feels like I'm driving on the highway, even if it takes longer haha.
"lol" I know how you feel, but with 3rd gen vs. 5th gen. I was dual hunting Eevee and Snivy all last night, and I could do about 4 Eevee for each Snivy!
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