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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
Uh, what. Sammi, don't you think you should have discussed this with me - or at least, you know, given me any sort of heads up whatsoever - before posting it here?

-sigh- alright, lets do this.

The no replying rule I have no issue with and the one thread per day is a little silly because it restricts activity but if you feel that strongly about it I guess it's... alright. But let me be very very clear about this point:

You will remove post count over my dead body.

Like, are you serious? Really? If you think the people are spamming with post count on, can you imagine how much they'll spam without it? Look at the Trivia sections, they are pointless spam pits because lack of post count makes people think that a section doesn't matter. I've been on other forums where there are sections without post count and half the posts are three or four words long because there's no incentive to make a post decent - you have literally nothing to show for the post. I would much prefer people come in and get their postcount +1 than have it turn into another Trivia section.

I'm honestly shocked anyone thinks this is a good idea.

Oh and yeah again, just in case it didn't come across loud and clear - next time a little heads up would be nice, Sammi.
Oh here we go again. >__>

It's a thread to discuss with the staff. It's not like that one time I added the Feedback thread behind your back. So what I didn't run it by you?

I don't know why the staff added you as a mod. I was running the forum just fine until you came along. Now it's all "you better leave me reports" and "you better tell me everything you do before you do it" and "I'm all better than you". You're now part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

Let's get one thing straight: OVP is my forum. I just let you mod there. Now shut up and do as I say.

With that out of the way...

No, I don't think the forum will turn into a complete spampit. You see, I'll be ruling it with an iron fist. I have been way too nice as of late. I'll infract the second they start spamming. If they want to spam, they'll soon be banned. Then we'll used the banned members as an example and there will be no troubles.

Originally Posted by Captain Fabio View Post
No offense Andy, and I do mean this because we are mates, but cut Sammi some slack. Sammi has been here way before you and knows what is best for the board.

OVP has been a problem in my eyes for ages, so maybe just roll with the punches?
Thank you. This whole new mod thing is starting to get obnoxious.

I've got to go to work so I'll reply to the rest of this later.
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