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Originally Posted by earth boy View Post
(1) I think something fun would be seeing how many RNGs we could come up with within a set time period. You could possibly segregate these by type as well. ^.^

(2) Assigning people RNGs they haven't already collected is another slightly less original idea.

(3) Trying to find your seed on the first attempt? (no set time limit; long-standing)

I have a few more ideas, but I'm thinking that most of these challenges would have to be made available for over four days, if not unlimited. Making a checklist of specific accomplishments seems more reasonable for RNGing, imo.
1) That is something we could do as another assignment/challenge thing... but it would be a different category. Honestly though, that sounds insane xD

2) Assigning RNGs? Hmm... honestly I don't want to assign people anything, but I want them to RNG what they want. I am worried that assigning might take away the fun.

3) Now this would only apply for 5th generation, right? You have to find your shifted frame first and all... not sure.

I was mainly thinking of challenges as you are thinking of assignments "RNG a Pokemon that is your least favorite!" or something. I'm not sure at all though.