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Quote originally posted by Rednael:
I did the challenge!
I have been looking for a favourite pokemon for a long time, I like a lot of pokemon but I never really loved any, until I met Cradily. That's why I RNGd a shiny lileep. I don't really like shiny Cradily though, so I'm gonna do a regular one too, just because I can!

Suction Cups|Careful
Curse|Recover|Toxic|Rock Slide
Hatched in Relic Castle

Very nice abuse and great work with completing the challenge! When someone asked me to breed a Lileep one time, I had to look up to see what in the heck it was! xD

Quote originally posted by LegendaryFSK:
I would like to join!

I chose to RNG breed a Growlithe to complete this challenge because he was my very first favorite Pokémon and will always remain one of my favorites.

Also, would like to say, I'm very proud of this RNG abuse. After a bunch of failed attempts at trying to breed using RNG, this is my first successful abuse while breeding!

Growlithe | Level 1
Jay Jay | 37261 | Black
Jolly | Intimidate | 31 31 31 00 31 31
Flare Blitz | Close Combat | Wild Charge | Bite

Ahh, Growlithe! A very nice choice and an excellent shiny sprite, if I may say so myself. Welcome to the Club and congratulations on completing the challenge!