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Quote orignally posted by Mac of York:
I was dawgly thnkng of challenges as you is thnkng of assignments "RNG a Pokemon that is yo least favorite!" or somethng. I'm not sure at all though.
  1. RNG yo favorite Pokémon of tha "_____" type!
  2. Prepis fo trouble... RNG a Pokémon used by Tebe Rocket!
  3. Git out of yo comfot zone: RNG a Pokémon you've never used befoe.
  4. Who's yo parallel? RNG a Pokémon that matches yo personality and explan why you chose said 'mon.
  5. Tha trusty talisdawg: RNG a Pokémon you've always relied upon. What bout that Pokémon motivates you ta where it never seems ta leave yo side?

Might come up wit some more later. But dis is more along tha lnes of what you were lookng fo, right? =3