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Quote originally posted by Shining Raichu:
[/B]Like, are you serious? Really? If you think the people are spamming with post count on, can you imagine how much they'll spam without it? Look at the Trivia sections, they are pointless spam pits because lack of post count makes people think that a section doesn't matter. I've been on other forums where there are sections without post count and half the posts are three or four words long because there's no incentive to make a post decent - you have literally nothing to show for the post. I would much prefer people come in and get their postcount +1 than have it turn into another Trivia section.
Bollocks, Just come post in there and I'll slap you with a freaking red card. I'll show you real discussion.

Quote originally posted by Patchisou Yutohru:
Woah woah woah. Calm your tits. Do I need to get my RAID and spray it on you again?
Don't talk to my co-worker like that.


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