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Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post

Thanks to HESPAS I have the next 3 days to work on my hack :D
So hopefully I will get a lot done in that time
To recap some points to answer all of the latest post I did not reply to:

  • All grammar and spelling mistakes will be fixed by the release, so please no more comments on grammar/spelling(Especially if you lack spelling/grammar qualities in your post critiquing the grammer/spelling mistakes; hypocritical)
  • I am still hard at work with this hack, and hope to progress father in it this hack is in no way dead, or ended
  • Any sprites that are from the original FR are just placeholders
  • As to the release of a beta, your bet is as good as mine XD:
    I want a substantial amount of work to be finished for the beta, while making sure there is no embarrassing mistakes left.
Wow, I'm glad your back! You hack looks amazing! Also, do whats important first. Make sure your school work and your job come before anything else. I made that mistake last year... and I am paying for it this year. Anyways, Keep at it! Your hack will go down in history!