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Quote originally posted by mineox100:
I got his error when I was making a script call to give the player a Pokedex and 5 pokeballs:
Pokemon Essentials
Exception: RuntimeError

Message: Script error within event 4, map 6 (Lab):

Exception: SyntaxError

Message: (eval)in `pbExecuteScript'compile error
(eval) syntax error

***Line '(PBItems:OKEBALL,5)' shouldn't begin with '('. Try

putting '(' at the end of the previous line instead,

or using Extendtext.

***Full script:



Interpreter:276:in `pbExecuteScript'

Interpreter:1593:in `command_355'

Interpreter:494:in `execute_command'

Interpreter:193:in `update'

Interpreter:106:in `loop'

Interpreter:198:in `update'

Scene_Map:103:in `update'

Scene_Map:101:in `loop'

Scene_Map:114:in `update'

Scene_Map:68:in `main'

For Rainski (sorry if spelled wrong)
Are you using the Unova pack?
I got that problem too, but i fixed it.
Instead of using


type it with the first parenthesis on the first line like this:


Quote originally posted by Riansky:
I keep getting this error while I try to run my game in debug mode..
Pokémon Delta
Exception: RuntimeError

Message: Undefined species constant name: [MRMIME]

Name must consist only of letters, numbers, and

underscores and can't begin with a number.

Make sure the name is defined in


File PBS/shadowmoves.txt, line 36


Compiler:928:in `pbGetConst'

Compiler:947:in `parseSpecies'

Compiler:652:in `pbCompileShadowMoves'

Compiler:647:in `pbCompilerEachCommentedLine'

Compiler:613:in `each_line'

Compiler:613:in `pbCompilerEachCommentedLine'

Compiler:610:in `open'

Compiler:610:in `pbCompilerEachCommentedLine'

Compiler:647:in `pbCompileShadowMoves'

Compiler:4018:in `pbCompileAllData'

This exception was logged in

C:\Users\Mitja\Saved Games/Pokémon Delta/errorlog.txt.

Press Ctrl+C to copy this message to the clipboard.

Is it spelled MRMIME in both shadowmoves and pokemon in the PBS folder?

Can anyone help with my problem?



please help me with my problems:

help with Missingno ideas:
Battle Different Form:
exception to max level for certain species:
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