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Originally Posted by kirbyking1234 View Post
I must say registering on your site was interesting for me... My usual username was taken so I chose a new one. Apparently my email was already in use as well... Got the email for the account sent to me and it's my usual username and password... I haven't heard of this game until today. I wonder why that happened?
because this game was called as pokemoncraft before

we sent every player an email . apparently you did not see it probably dropped to junk folder

Originally Posted by View Post
Nice game.. but why every new game looks the same? the style is: old-gameboy sprites-style and stuff? if you build a new game - why not making it look totally different?

let the "trainers" drive a vehicle or ride on an animal (like in final fantasy), use weapons to shoot each other or place traps. something new to the gameplay. let them have a farm to breed mutant monsters, collect mutagen in underground expeditions and use it to grow mutants that are unique and 10x times stronger than other wild monsters, etc... these are just examples.

good luck with your project guys , it looks really nice.

what you are saying very good but those special effects are not possible for single person developer :d

though hopefully i am going to redesign whole theme . i am looking for a professional designer right now. will design only as psd and i will do the whole coding. also there will be awesome new features
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