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Blue Team: Kanto Update 1
-Choose Squirtle
-Powered through Viridian Forest no problem. (Stupid weedle with Poison hax)
-Beat Brock Easily
-Tore through Mt.Moon and squirtle evolved into Wortortle
-Creamed Misty
-Caught Need Weed the Oddish
-Beat LT.Surge
-Traded for DUX the HM Slave (Farfetch'd)
-Blew through Rock Tunnel and evolved Wortortle to Blastoise
-Currently in Lavender Town

Blastoise LV 40

Need Weed (Oddish) LV 20

DUX (Farfetch'd) LV 11

Blue Team: Kanto Update 2 (Final Update)

-Changed Blastoises name to StormSurge for epic winningness
-Beat Erika due to my high level advantage
-Beat Team Rocket in the HQ (Need Weed evolved to a Gloom)
-Scared Off The Ghost
-Beat Koga In Sweeping Fashion
-Traveled back to Viridian and Pallet Town capturing Pointz the Female Nidoran and a Poliwag for some more blue swaggers.
-Beat Team Rocket in Silph Co. (Got Lapras)
-Beat Sabrina, after forgetting bite is a normal type in this game.
-Beat Blaine with a breeze
-Un-fossilized Shelby the Omanyte
-Beat Giovanni to get #8
-Went to the elite 4
-Elite #1 took a while because wasted all my mega kicks (later replaced with submission)
-Elite #2 Down with spamming surfs
-Elite #3 EQ and The Rest of my Surfs got it done.
-Got to Elite #4 and beat Lance and Used all my Blizzards
-Down to about 15 submissions, took on Gary and ran out of submissions with Venusaur down to 1/3 HP. Struggled to beat Gary and became the champ.

Final Team

StormSurge (Blastoise) Lvl 75
Need Weed (Gloom) Lvl 26
Lapras Lvl 17
DUX (Farfetch'd (HM Slave)) Lvl 13
Poliwag Lvl 16
Pointz (Nidoran) Lvl 6

Johto Lets Roll!!!! (Gonna Go With Silver)
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