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Originally Posted by Supervegeta View Post
Hey guys, we're awfully quiet here, so I wanna post a question to everyone. I was looking at my old SUs for RPs past and present. I notice that many of my characters have overlapping traits. Overall, there is a certain "villainy" theme to all of them, which I'd like to think has become a trademark of mine. My question to you is this:

Take a look at some of your old SUs. Is there any recurring or overlapping traits that are prevalent in your characters? It could be a name you constantly use, or a certain consistent appearance they have, or a certain personality type? Perhaps something a bit more subtle?

Thanks for your time.
Hmmm... I just noticed that all of my character have something common with me. Plus, if you combined every character I made, I guarantee you that is me in RL. And I just noticed one more HORRIBLE thing: all of my characters have a bit of Gary-Stu in 'em. (*facepalm)
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