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Originally Posted by Tman109ner View Post
Final Team

StormSurge (Blastoise) Lvl 75
Need Weed (Gloom) Lvl 26
Lapras Lvl 17
DUX (Farfetch'd (HM Slave)) Lvl 13
Poliwag Lvl 16
Pointz (Nidoran) Lvl 6

Johto Lets Roll!!!! (Gonna Go With Silver)
Hey, I'm gonna let this go once, but you are supposed to have at least two viable team members at the end of Kanto, as it states in the rules. One pokemon at L75 and the other at L26 doesn't cut it. Continue on to Johto, but you need to have at least three viable team members at the end of the rest of the games in your ultimate challenge.

To refer back to the OP:
Originally Posted by jdthebud View Post
4. You must have a minimum of three viable team members, UNLESS:
  1. You are playing Generation I, in which case a minimum of two is fine.
  2. You cannot legally obtain that amount in the game you are playing.
  3. For those playing on GSC/HGSS, if you cannot get three team members before going to Kanto, two can be used.
Going with more than three is encouraged, however, as is keeping your team somewhat balanced level-wise.
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