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Brian Sheppard-New York City, New York, United States

“Could Brian Sheppard please come with us," a guard asked, catching Brian's attention.

Why would a guard want me? he thought. And why is some really official looking Japanese guy with him. Nonetheless, Brian stood and walked over to the two men. Hearing a "Follow me, please," from the Japanese man, he followed leaving the guard inside as they left the complex. The air outside was a bit cooler than when he had gotten there, showing the small amount of time that passed. Was I in there that long? he thought.

The Japanese man started to talk again, taking Brian from his thoughts.

“Nice to meet you Brian Sheppard, I am Cobalt Chimura, one of the leaders of the Atlantean Royal family,” the man said, bringing Brian down the street. “So Brian, tell me about your ability, then I will be happy to answer any questions you have." The man put on a big smile at the end, though Brian knew it was likely fake.

"It's nice to meet you too," Brian answered. He had heard of Cobalt before. He, true to his word, was one of the five leaders that came out with the news of the Atlanteans. The one thing Brian didn't know, however, was the man's power. Either way, he thought it was a honor to meet him.

"Well," Brian started off, "My ability has something to do with emotions. I can feel other's feeling and sometimes see the memory or the reason they're feeling that way." Thinking to himself he continued, though not knowing if he should demonstrate. "You're feeling a bit of annoyance ,because of your uncomfortable suit, and the rest being joy, though I don't know exactly why.

"Sometimes, the feelings are a bit annoying and, on the occasion, atrocious to me. Anyways, I can also change people's emotion. I've only done it once but it worked." Putting his hands in his pockets, he thought once again.

Should I tell him the negatives? They do seem a bit extreme... Ignoring them, he continued with the conversation, asking his own question now.

"Now, why exactly did you pick me up?"
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