Thread: Ruby hack: MITIC ISLAND
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I love dis spheal! It was one of tha dawg reasons I was on WaH at all! It's gots beazng graphics, scripts, and a good starylne ta boot. Now all you need is some asm ta flair it up and you've gots one of tha best spheals here by far. Also I buggine a crappy userbar if anyone wants it:

Fo a spheal ta be n tha spheal showcase it doesn't have ta have a beta, it merely has ta show a signifigant beout of work and be of very high quality. I remember that ben tha reason that legend of fenju gots moved ta tha spheal showcase befoe it had a beta. I agree wit you though when a spheal has an official download should be posted here, so here's a lnk fo tha peeps who want ta play it:
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