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Originally Posted by MrElephant View Post
Hey Epitaph93 just wanted to let you know that if you wanted me to do anything else for you or look up something for you I am willing to help. Your hack sounds like it has made a lot of progress. By the way, I guess I could look up some more moves for you on the web if you wanted me to.
Anything you can do to help will be appreciated. I found a good place for moves:

If you want you could look through each Digimon's move set and pick out which ones you thing would be best for the hack. Or if you happen to have any story suggestions, PM me with those.

I'm also still looking for an OW sprite for Devimon if you happen to stumble upon one. Thanks for your help MrElephant.

Update: I've began editing about 20 or so new sprites, ranging from fresh to champions. These include the "Mamemon" family, the two starters from Digimon Dawn and Dusk, three Armor evolutions that were included in Dawn and Dusk, And various others. About half of the new digimon fall under the Machine type, A handful are Water type, a large portion are dark types, and the rest fall under various other types. This brings us to almost 150. I'll start using MrElephant's supplied moves and others that I might find on the web to replace the Pokemon moves. Once I have most of them replaced I'll begin the painstaking process of editing stats.
I'm Epitaph and I plan on releasing the first full-fledged Digimon hack of Pokemon Fire Red. We're getting close to the first release so come check it out in the Progressing hacks, and see how you can help us with the project.