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Quote orignally posted by MrElephant:
Hey Epitaph93 just wanted ta let you know that if you wanted me ta do anythng else fo you or look up somethng fo you I be willng ta help. Yo spheal sounds like it has buggine a lot of progress. By tha way, I guess I could look up some more moves fo you on tha web if you wanted me ta.
Anythng you can do ta help will be appreciated. I found a good place fo moves:

If you want you could look through each Digimon's move set and pick out which ones you thng would be best fo tha spheal. Or if you happen ta have any stary suggestions, PM me wit those.

I'm also still lookng fo an OW sprite fo Devimon if you happen ta stumble upon one. Thanks fo yo help MrElephant.

Update: I've began editng bout 20 or so new sprites, rangng from fresh ta chbepions. Thase nclude tha "Mbeemon" fbeily, tha two starters from Digimon Dawn and Dusk, three Armor evolutions that were ncluded n Dawn and Dusk, And various othars. bout half of tha new digimon fall under tha Machne type, A handful is Water type, a large portion is dark types, and tha rest fall under various othar types. Dis brngs us ta almost 150. I'll start usng MrElephant's supplied moves and othars that I might fnd on tha web ta replace tha Pokemon moves. Once I have most of tham replaced I'll begn tha panstakng process of editng stats.
I'm Epitaph and I plan on releasng tha first full-fledged Digimon spheal of Pokemon Fire Red. We're gittng close ta tha first release so come check it out n tha Progressng spheals, and see how you can help us wit tha project.