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Current Challenge: Fire Mono
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Update #2

• Made it to Vermillion City
• Trained on the S. S. Anne and defeated Rival
• Defeated Surge
• Caught CLASSIC! The Voltorb
• Made it through Rock Tunnel
• Defeated Rival at Pokemon Tower
• Made it to Celadon
• CLASSIC! Evolved
• Did some sequence breaking and caught a Poliwhirl, traded for LOLA (Jynx)
• Defeated Erika.
• LEGENDARY! Evolved.
• While training about, EPIC! Evolved.

Currently training around places in preparation for the next two gyms.

LOLA the JYnx Lv.38
LEGENDARY! the Charizard Lv.38
CLASSIC! the Electrode Lv. 38
EPIC! the Vileplume Lv. 38
Current Challenges:
Ultimate Fire Monotype Challenge: Leafgreen 6/8-SoulSilver-Sapphire, Pearl, Black 2, & Y
Hunger Games Challenge: District 4: Emerald 3/8
Type Cycle Challenge: Fire Ground Ice

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