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How have I only just heard about this!?!?!?!? Well Mac I guess you beat me to it and created this place. I'd love to join!

My latest abuse (kinda)

OT: George
ID: 27227

I was gonna abuse this but my taught my friend to do it instead however I will probably RNG'ing most of the pokes.

Challenge complete!
I've RNG'd this guy because I love Tentacruel and it was my 1st successful IV breed back in the days before RNG'ing =')

Tentacool ♂ Lv.23
OT: George | ID: 17771
Timid | Liquid Ooze
31, 12, 31, 31, 31, 31
Acid, Toxic Spikes, BubbleBeam, Wrap
Valley Windworks | Fully Redis