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Chapter 4 – Venius Cloud – God District

The man straightened out when the door was opened; looking down at Raike. A smile manifested over his lips upon his thoughts echoing inside the God’s head. The human thought the God was copying him. Hardly. Calmly, he unbuttoned the jacket. “You know, wearing a particular color of jacket doesn’t mean I’m stealing your fashion. I doubt it’s copyrighted.” Taking it off to show Venius had a plain white shirt underneath, he plopped the coat on Raike’s head.

“I knew it would annoy you. Anyways, I’m here to get you ready for the interview tonight!” His hands were stuffed into his pockets. “Venius Cloud. I’m in charge of your appearance during the interview, as well as the points given to you by sponsors. Please tell me you know what I’m talking about?” Well, at least he was much friendlier compared to Natruo.

“Although, I don’t think I have much work to do on you. You actually look rather ‘dashing’ and that alone should swoon some girl sponsors who’re into the dark and mysterious type. Maybe a bit more flames and metal, but otherwise it’s good!”

Chapter 4 – Marisa Ryunatta – Vampire District

Prophetic dreams are rather cliché, are they? Well, I must be the most cliché person in the world then, because that’s exactly what I experience as I slept. Everything was blurry, as though my eyesight was wavering between perfect and blindness. But I could still pick up on things around me. It all flashed around; I wasn’t in one place for long. The only thing that was constant was the quiet ticking in the background. A clock signalled for two o’clock; two loud pangs. Over the horizon, I could make out a small stadium. Not the Population Games arena, but some other place where there were roaring crowds at the stands. On the platform, there were two chairs facing each other, with a beautiful spring garden in between. A man sat in one of the chairs; laughing and greeting the crowd. Suddenly, I was sitting across from him; clutching my fingers into the green dress I wore. All I managed to make out from his speech was something about a faery. There were six pangs for six o’clock and the scene changed. It morphed and swirled.

Now, there was a gigantic square table; decorated extravagantly and seating about forty people. Half of the faces were new, and each sat besidea certain contestant. Though, there were contestants missing; more notably, Ryuu. Natruo and the man from the stadium were there as well. We seemed to be having supper.

The rest of the visions flew by in a hurry. Pangs sounded again and again, but I couldn’t keep track enough to translate the time with the events. Obviously, for these scenes, I was in the arena. I saw a river; fish. Crumbling ruins with a red dust floating around the area....

I sat upright in a cold sweat; breathing hard and quickly running my hands around the bed to place myself back into the present. I was in bed. Relaxing slowly from my vivid dream world, I slipped my feet out from under the blankets, and wandered over to the bathroom. So much for sleeping to heal from yesterday… My body was still sore and a thumping headache was trampling my brain into my skull. According to my dreams, there would be some sort of public interview of the participants, and we would be assigned persons to attend a banquet.

Having a quick shower to wash off myself, I didn’t bother shampooing my hair or making it all pretty. I knew what was to come, and whatever efforts I did now to look nice would be in vain, simply because there were better experts. Slipping on a long dress that came to my heels loosely, I moved out of the bathroom with my hair still dripping wet. A towel was placed over my head and shoulders so it didn’t dampen my clothing.

Upon seeing Kerin and a slightly charred carpet, I giggled and hopped into his lap. I was glad he had been practicing his magic. “Hii!!” My face brightened, and I hugged the boy happily. “Kerin-sama, I had more visions last night! Uuu. Wanna hear?” I didn’t wait for an answer.

“We’re gonna be dressed up really nice and go to an interview with a bunch of people! And we’ll have designers! And---“ I burst out laughing, and glanced at the door. I placed a hand on his shoulder as though I was breaking some sort of tragic news to him. “I wish you luck with him, Kerin-sama.” I laughed again. “Anyways, we’re gonna have this biiigggg meal afterwards, and tomorrow we’re going into the arena. It was really pretty!Mountains and ruins and lots of rivers and trees!"
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