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Started my Blue game last night and completely blanked at what Yellow Pokemon were around. GULP.

I named myself YELLBRO and my rival is RED.
I picked CHARMANDER he picked SQUIRTLE.
He kicked my hinder quite royally.
Got the Parcel. Delivered the Parcel.
Got a Town Map. Headed to Viridian Forest.
Leveled up Charmander because even though I had avoided all of the other trainers in the forest, I knew I couldn't avoid the one right before the exit, and I was having no luck finding a Weedle/Kakuna.

Right before I walked up to the trainer I had been dreading, a wild Pikachu appeared. I nearly cried tears of pure happiness. I caught it, and named it SERVO.
Finally battled the dreaded trainer and went to the Pokemon center in Pewter City to place CHARMANDER in the PC.
Went back to Viridian Forest and continued to search for a Weedle.
Finally, after about an hour of searching, I found a lvl. 3 Weedle, now named STEINMAN.

Tonight, I'm gonna continue grinding SERVO and STEINMAN until they are strong enough to wipe out Brock and his Geodude and Onix.

SERVO lvl. 9



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