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Quote originally posted by Shadow97:
ok does eelektross learn any strong move in this hack and by the way whats the ability did both of bagon and deino have
Yeah, it learns powerful attacks like Aqua Tail, Wild Charge...Stuff like that.

Tynamo abilities are: Levitate, Lightningrod
Eelekrik abilities are: Swift Swim, Lightningrod
Eelektross abilities are: Swift Swim, Lightningrod

Bagon abilities are: Rock Head, Sheer Force
Shelgon abilities are: Rock Head, Overcoat
Salamence abilities are: Intimidate, Moxie

Deino abilities are: Own Tempo, Unaware
Zweilous abilities are: Anger Point, Moody (It does have two heads LOL)
Hydreigon abilities are: Anger Point, Levitate

Quote originally posted by zantetsu122:
(I hope the 3ds will allow me to play roms) I'm going to get a 3ds after graduation ^w^. And I'll delete my old Diamond save file to make a new one. And I'll make a way to play ROMs in the 3ds, so I can play BB/VW, YW/YB, NSoul, Sol Plat.
I don't know. I actually never tried playing a DS game on a 3DS game...But I don't see why not it shouldn't work.

Oh, you're graduating this year? High School? That's cool, yo. And also, zanny, you forgot to answer my question from last time. I need to know it. :D

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