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Thalia Windspeaker – Atlantean Mansion, Boston, England

“You have no need to worry Xiao, I will teach the boy what I can,” Thalia watched River wince as she used part of her real name, not even Cobalt, Blayze nor Justin knew River’s real first name, so Thalia was careful to use it only in private conversations; much to River’s annoyance.

“This is the biggest prophecy the Oracle has announced since she revealed her death in the upcoming disaster. She’s not always wrong, but Christian could be the one to change whether she dies or not.” For just over a week now, Thalia, River and the others had been on high alert, gathering those they believed could help stop the coming disaster that the Oracle predicted. A long with that prediction had been a list of names muttered in her episode; Cobalt was rounding up the last of the names the five of them had been able to comprehend. During her episodes, the Oracle would speak in Atlantean, something they were still learning to this day.

Thalia walked out of her wardrobe into the bedroom where River stood; hands on hips. Most people who saw Thalia would think she was well out of her time, others called her a modern day hippie, but these were just labels; Thalia was Thalia despite her silk thread pyjama pants, rainbow coloured ink shirt, open souled sandals and headband complete with thick, circular glasses. Her long auburn hair flowed unaided down her back, reaching down to her tailbone.

“Nature is the root of all today, Xiao, this smoke manipulator can learn much from the world around us; I shall only aid him.” Thalia spread her arms out wide as a small breeze wafted in through the open window.

“I take it that means yes, Thalia?” Like most people, River always found herself lost when talking with Thalia; there was something about the way she talked that threw almost anybody who talked to her off.

“Of course, my child,” Thalia smiled at river before heading for the door, opening it wide offering River to leave before leaving herself. She followed River across the courtyard to the opposite side of the building and up the stairs to the boy’s wing. River stopped in front of a room, the twenty-two year old Christian sitting on his bed gazing at a wall almost catatonically.

“May the universe grant you luck,” River whispered in Thalia’s ear before departing.

Thalia hesitated before knocking on his door, “Christian Calaway?” she said almost apprehensively. “I am Thalia Windspeaker, but most people call me Thalia.” She took a gulp, she was never really good with students, she always felt nervous when dealing with people; she left that to River and the others.
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