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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post

Have they become more noticeable in general or have you grown up to become a more critical young adult instead of a less critical child? I think the latter is far more likely.

From the fighting belt on Machamp to the spoons every single Alakazam has to the commercial, obviously human-made magnets that Magnemite/ton are made out of to Hitmonchan's outfit and gloves to Jynx's dress, Pokemon has always had creatures with human items. Like I said before, you say they didn't 'stick out' to you, but that's not because it's less obvious. It's because you were younger when you were introduced to them, so you grew up not questioning their designs.

Here are some Gen I Pokemon that are merely an animal with 1-2 changed features, similar to Ducklett:


Honestly I don't think it's just the 'Animal with a few changes' that makes this generation not as good as the others.. it's the new artwork style, it just isn't as good as the old one used to be.
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