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Take a look at some of your old SUs. Is there any recurring or overlapping traits that are prevalent in your characters? It could be a name you constantly use, or a certain consistent appearance they have, or a certain personality type? Perhaps something a bit more subtle?

All of the females are short and skinny. And most of the men are tall(ish) and skinny. I've only ever had one chubby character x:
There is one common thing about all my characters; they all play musical instruments, most commonly bass guitar.

How do you generally create your characters? Do you enjoy making multiple characters, a new one for each roleplay? Or do you stick with one character throughout?

I have my favourites that I've used more than once (Kerin, Oakley, Aki, Atom/Errick/Errol) but usually I create a new one. I used to keep track of them all. Now I don't. d:
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