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Quote originally posted by 雷影 イチロ:
Also noted that most of my characters are never really "short" in height, and are mostly average to muscular build. Also, many seem to have some sort of eye disorder, colour blind, Heterochromia, glasses, etc.

That reminds me . . . lol, all my characters seem to be rather tall, skinny/sometimes a bit more muscular, though usually not, and Caucasian. dat's so racist
But I don't know about RPing a fat person, or a black person. Mostly the fat person, not so much the black one. NOT TO BE MEAN OR ANYTHING. It's just, that I . . . just don't think I could/should/would. xD

As for how I create my characters . . . I tend to always go for something a little bit different, although all my characters end up related in some way (both in traits and actual relationships) and I have A LOT of characters. I do reuse my main ones, and I have so many that I haven't used yet. It's crazy man, IT'S CRAZY.
As for how I actually make them? I don't know what runs through my head every time, but I know one time when I helped . . . I believe it was SkyIsUmbreon, come over writer's block to make a character, I told him to basically take a stereotype and bend it to his will. I tend to do that. I also garner inspiration from people around me, or on TV, in books, or whatever. IT'S ALL SO COMPLICATED.



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