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Cira & Alex Gaile

In their blood? Okay, it's definitely Assassin's Creed-y now. Did they really have something like the Animus? "It would take about three minutes for him to obtain this knowledge." Three minutes; okay, so no Animus. And was she a subject of it? "In return, he will supply you with his own knowledge." Fair deal, since aside from the look the girl seemed alive and well. Anyways, who was this guy who could get ancestral information from someone's blood? That's a question that sparked Cira's curiosity, but it would have to be answered later.

"My ability possesses strength." Maybe she could stop the train with her bare hands. Maybe not if it was at full speed, but it wasn't there, yet. "Or, if we would not like to stop the train, there are other methods. You just have to trust me."

Then she introduced herself. Augh, just making more questions. What's their "purpose?" GAH. And worse, it'll have to WAIT before they're answered. Cira got the answers to his initial questions, and with the train getting ever farther from the Vatican he wasn't gonna push it without risking the girl changing face.

Cira took Otto's hand and stood up, Alex pulling himself onto his feet. "So," Cira continued, "which way should we go? Just get the conductor to stop the train, or a more exciting way?" Of course, his father would instantly try and opt for the latter.

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