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Originally Posted by Decon082 View Post
So I'm kinda new to scripting. And by "kinda new", I mean completely new. I have the concepts down, and I'm working on a storyline before I even begin to start writing script.

Two questions. Both related to event scripting. I searched for both, and neither were answered very well.

1. So, you know the "grayscale" palette that's used during the flashbacks of what you did before your last save? Well, is there any way to use that while events are going on? Such as, to show a flashback sequence? I'd like to know if it's possible and how difficult it would be, so I can alter my storyline a bit as to not include that part.

2. How would you go about making the camera warp to a different map to show an event that's happening at the same time in a different location? My idea is that once the player enters the cave for the first time, the camera will warp to a different location while the screen fades out, and an event will be shown all the way across the map, and then the player will regain control back in the cave. I know there's a command to do this, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

Any tips would be appreciated.
I can try to help you with your second question. The best way to make a camera "warp" to a different place is to warp the player there, and immediately hide him using what we call a level script, which is a script that activates when you enter a map. There are different kinds, one being a script that activates once you warp into a building. There's also a kind that activates the very instant you enter a map, even before the fade effect has finished. You'd use the second kind to hide the player, and the first kind to start your script immediately. once the script is finished, warp the player to the entrance of the cave. Before you tackle that, i'd read up on level scripts.

As for your first question, I don't know any conventional, simple way to make that occur. Of course it's possible, but it requires tinkering with the games internal coding.

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