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As Aaron and Cherelyn were heading out, a blue Scizor descended from the sky. The duo was very shocked about the appearance of a shiny Pokemon. Aaron wanted to catch until he saw the ribbon it was holding. Then it started to talk. Aaron and Cherelyn were very shocked. It turns out that a player has been exiled from the tournament and Aaron was randomly selected to obtain the piece. Then it flew away. Aaron and Cherelyn stared at each other with wide eyes. Then they laughed it off. Later on, Aaron wondered what that other person did. He probably broke some rules. He probably killed a few trainers.

Aaron and Cherelyn headed for an open field. Cherelyn wanted to stay with the group, but Aaron was still very paranoid about them. He thought they would betray them. Obviously, trust is a big thing for Aaron. Cherelyn was very quick to notice this. They sat in the open field and ate. They let out their Pokemon and they ate. After the meal, they got up and started to search for some vendors.

They entered this cave with a beautiful, shallow, clear, spring in the middle and a waterfall. It was truly a sight to behold. In the middle of this spring, there was a person with a big smirk on his face. He exclaimed, "My name is James! Battle me! One on one! One Pokemon only!"
Cherelyn said, "Let me battle this one, Aaron."
Aaron agreed. Cherelyn and James called out their Pokemon.

Battle: NPC Cherelyn vs. NPC James

Cherelyn pulled out a Togekiss while James pulled out an Aggron. "Oh no," said Aaron. "Togekiss might have a hard time!" Cherelyn smirked and Aaron saw a different side of her. James told his Aggron to use Iron Tail. Cherelyn told Togekiss to dodge it and use Aura Sphere. It was a direct hit. You could instantly see the Aggron had low health. Aaron was shocked. James told his Aggron to use Stone Edge. It was a critical hit. Togekiss fainted.

Cherelyn was shocked. James laughed. Then he had an interesting proposition. He told Cherelyn that he wouldn't take her only badge piece if he could become Aaron's partner. Cherelyn could continue on her journey and possibly win. Cherelyn sighed and said okay. Aaron was actually glad with the switch. Somebody as weak as her shouldn't be partners with him. James and Aaron exited the cave and Cherelyn was on her knees, in the middle of the spring...

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