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Jack Davis

Jack looked down at Foxtrot who gave a helpless shrug. Well, it wouldn't hurt to see what jobs were available. He did need some money, and Shadoan wasn't back yet so he could kill some time. Jack walked over to the man, "Sure, I could use a job. What have you got?"

Jack took a look at the conference sign-up papers and immediately dismissed them as unimportant. He had just gotten accepted to this tournament and he would probably need to have a few more run-ins with the other trainers to correctly gauge their strength. He didn't want to be one of the losers that would be chucked out on the first day after all. He would probably join the Summer one anyway. He would have more a challenge, sure, but also he would be able to prove his team's strength and have a fair fight on his hands, rather than plowing through a horde of newly licensed trainers.

Whatever jobs that man did offer Jack just wanted one that wouldn't take too long to complete, he didn't want anything that would slow down his badge collecting efforts.
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