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AhHA! Found the glitch discussion area! Sorry, Sydian, didn't realize...
In about 2003 or so I read about the Missingno glitch, and to my shortcut seeking gameplay method seemed the perfect way to level up those pokemon that I really didn't want to take the time to train. So it was rare candies ahoy! I never caught Missingno because I'd heard about the nasty things that can happen as a result.
However...About a week later, I fought the Elite Four. (This was my Blue Version game.) And that was how I discovered two things.
1. Any Dittos I had or now caught, couldn't Transform. I would choose Transform (of course) and all it would do was open a second attack list.
I'd choose Transform again, and it a third attack list. It would keep doing that over and over, but I could get rid of each by pressing B.
2.Every time I battled Loreli's Cloyster, no matter what attack I used, it would get Burned and all it HP would drain in the first Burn damage, and it would faint.

Now as I said, I never caught Missingno. But I did use the Duplicate Item trick several times. Is there a way to fix this? I think there is something else glitchy with the game, but I haven't played it in so long, that I don't

Help, please!

(Again, sorry, Sydian.)