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Originally Posted by zantetsu122 View Post
I trained my Aron into Aggron so it can learn Surf. I removed Surf from Floatzel for Ice Punch, Waterfall for Aqua Jet, Altaria has now Draco Meteor instead of Dragon Pulse, I forgot to teach Frenzy Plant to Meganium to replace Grasswhistle.
Big improvement. Now at Clair's Gym. Finally there's a lvl 50 pokemon there. This'll be hard.
E: Finally done with the 8 Gyms of Johto. Clair wasn't that hard( I'm not saying it's easy because of the Exp boost I get.) because some of her pokemon really dealt alot of damage.
Now heading to Lugia with this team:
Lvl 61 Altaria
Draco Meteor
Air Slash

Lvl 54 Floatzel
Mach Punch
Ice Punch

Lvl 48 Meganium
Petal Dance

Lvl 57 Ledian
Air Slash
Bug Buzz
Giga Drain
Focus Blast

Lvl 48 Aggron the HM Slave
Rock Smash
Iron Tail

Lvl 51 Houndoom
Shadow Ball
Nasty Plot
Fire Blast
Okay, so you're finished up all 8 gyms, huh? I believe some congrats are in order *pop da cork on a bottle* LOL You know, I'm just messing wif ya.

And, yeah...I guess your Pokemon levels are okay, for most of da part. (Boost Exp aside)

...But still, you can't really say something easy nor hard when, you, yourself is 8 levels higher the gym leader strongest Pokemon. I'm just saying. LOL

And before you ask, NO...I don't Grind much when I play pokemon. If you don't believe me, just look at some of my Pokemon videos. :p

Anyways...since you said she dealt a decent amount of damage on you, I guess I'll let it be.

Not to mention, some of the other Pokemon in your party levels are behind like Meganium, Houndoom and Aggron.

My guess is, you used Ledian (I said this, cuz it was on Level 57) Floatzel and especially Altaria in the gym alot.

Anyways, good luck with the Lugia event. I increased it level and stuff...Wait, don't you halfta fight da Kimono Girls first...Good luck with them.

And what da hell? LOL You use Aggron as a HM slave...Seriously? That's first time I've ever seen one used like that.

Other than that, your pokemon moves are very good...Only thing I halfta say is...Ledian with Air Slash? *Trollface* Hey, that wasn't my doing.
JK...I know da deal, no biggie!
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