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I decided to take a break from my Ultimate Purple Monocolor to finish my Ultimate Green Monocolor. I did bits of this throughout the week, so this is the update for everything. I'll probably be playing White next week to complete the Ultimate for Green; but for now, Platinum complete.

Green Monocolor Challenge (Platinum)
Update #1/Final Update

▸ Started the game like I typically do. Named myself Inferno, etc.
▸ Chose Turtwig, nicknamed it "Boss".
▸ Went through all that beginning of the game stuff, nothing too exciting.
▸ Boss evolved into a Grotle before the gym.
▸ Gym was pretty easy.
(I was a little late on this
▸ Caught a Budew, named it "Rosie".
▸ Went through the Eterna Forest.
▸ Defeated Gardenia.
▸ Proceeded to defeat Team Plasma.
▸ Traveled to Hearthome City, got an Eevee, and nicknamed it "Leafy".
▸ Went all the way back to Eterna Forest to evolve Leafy into a Leafeon.
▸ Defeated Fantina.
▸ After defeating my rival, Boss evolved into a Torterra.
▸ Went through Solaceon Town, and eventually arrived in Veilstone.
▸ I bought some vitamins from the department store, then used them on Rosie.
▸ After a battle, Rosie FINALLY evolved.
▸ Defeated Maylene.
▸ Traversed all the way to Pastoria.
▸ Caught a Yanma in the Great Marsh, named it "Tonbo".
▸ Defeated Crasher Wake very easily.
▸ On my way to Celestic Town, Tonbo evolved into a Yanmega.
▸ First battle with Cyrus was pretty easy, especially with Tonbo.
▸ After reaching Canalave City, I departed to Iron Island, where I found the Shiny Stone and evolved Rosie into a Roserade.
▸ Defeated Byron.
▸ Went to Lake Valor...poor Magikarp! ;_;
▸ Defeated Saturn.
▸ Trudged through the snow on my way to Snowpoint City and the Lakefront there.
▸ Defeated Candice.
▸ Finished up my business in the area.
▸ Went to the Galactic HQ.
▸ Defeated Cyrus and Saturn.
▸ To Mt. Coronet!
▸ Ascended Mt. Coronet, defeated Mars and Jupiter.
▸ After a really long time in the Distortion World, I defeated Cyrus.
▸ Finally made it to Sunyshore City, defeated Volkner.
▸ Made it through Victory Road, defeated my rival.
▸ Made sure my team's movesets were ready after getting them all up to level 60.
▸ E4 time!
▸ Defeated the Elite Four and the Champion, completing this part of the Ultimate.

Boss Lv. 62
Stone Edge, Rock Polish, Earthquake, Wood Hammer

Rosie Lv. 61
Sludge Bomb, Growth, Toxic, Petal Dance

Leafy Lv. 62
Razor Leaf, GrassWhistle, Aerial Ace, Return

Tonbo Lv. 62
Air Slash, Shadow Ball, Bug Buzz, Supersonic


It tosses its enemies around with agility. It uses all its limbs to fight in its own unique style.
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