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The merit of the thread itself is not in question. That went through HQ and it was agreed that the thread was allowed to exist again, despite the (somewhat irrelevant) opinions of the people who would not even be affected by it.

Whether or not all the staff like the thread is completely immaterial. The fact remains that it is by far the most popular thread in OVP and brings a lot of traffic to the forum. The members - the ones we're meant to be doing all this for - do like the thread, and use it often. And as I said, they felt it should be stickied, and I agreed.

There is simply no need for this discussion. It is between me and sammi, and perhaps if sammi could gain some impulse control and talk to me rather submitting to her kneejerk reaction to make a Staff Lounge thread about every move I make, we could have fewer of these pointless threads taking up everybody's time and energy.

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