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Quote originally posted by earth boy:
Finished the challenge! (Finally...)

Yamask | Level: 19
OT: eb | ID: 46682 | Game: White
Nature: Bold | Ability: Mummy | IVs: 31 31 31 31 31 31
EVs: Untrained | HP: Dark - 70
Disable | Haze | Night Shade | Hex


Did my best to find a Unova Pokémon--seeing as I've only been RNGing in Gen5--and this was the one I had available. (Also ironically a contender for my party, as I restarted my game for Tepig.)

It's about damn time xD Congratulations! I think soon you will truly get a handle on this

Quote originally posted by earth boy:
Oh and Mac, your OP has the current challenge still marked as "Challenge #1." @_@
Oh, I uhh... fixed that. Sorry.