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Another Yellow on Blue update.


I leveled Steinman up to lvl 14 and Servo to lvl 12 before even stepping foot in Brocks gym. I defeated the trainer in the gym fairly easily with a few Fury Attacks and then went back to the PokeCenter to heal. I stopped at the PokeMart, bought three potions and finally went to Brock.

Steinman went out and took about ten or so minutes to knock out Geodude with Fury Attack after Fury Attack. (took so long due to Geodudes defense curl) when Brock went to send out Onix, I switched to Servo, willing to sacrifice him for the greater good.

I used a potion on Steinman and was prepared to switch him out, but Servo did not faint. Oh. So, knowing all Electric attacks are ineffective to Rock/Ground, I just used Growl over and over until Servo fainted. Once I switched Steinman, Onixs attack was so low, he barely did any damage to him.

Another ten minutes of Fury Attacks, then another five minutes using Poison Sting because I ran out of PP, Onix went down. Woo!

Healed up, put Servo first on my team, and headed to Mt. Moon, battling all the trainers on the way. In Mt. Moon, I found Mega Punch, (which will be given to Servo at a later time) and battled as many trainers as I could. Took whichever fossil that was in front of me because it doesn't really matter which one I get, then exited.

After making it past Route 4, I healed up in Ceruelean City, then headed back to Route 4 to find a Sandshrew. About thirty minutes of training and searching in the grass, I found RAVAGE, a level 6 Sandshrew. After healing once more, I headed up to Nugget Bridge, ready to battle my rival.

He sent out Pidgeotto and Servo took him out. Abra was scratched by Ravage, Rattata was poisoned by Steinman, and finally, his Squirtle was shocked by Servo.

He told me he'd "smell me later!" and then ran off. Another trip to Nurse Joy (who probably thinks I just allow my Pokes to get practically slaughtered) then headed up the bridge. I beat all six trainers with Steinman and found an Abra in the grass which I paralyzed with Servo, then caught.

Now, I'm trying to level up Ravage and Chase at least ten levels before I battle Misty so they won't be too far behind my other two Pokes.

Steinman; Lvl. 18
Poison Sting, String Shot, Fury Attack, Focus Energy

Servo; Lvl. 19
Thundershock, Growl, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack

Ravage; Lvl. 10
Scratch, Sand-Attack

Crap. I made a mistake and now am releasing Abra. My bad.


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